Friday, 2 July 2010

Solas Soundscape

It was just about this time last week.....

A stroll around the marquees armed with a recording device, turned up this 3 minutes of what we sounded like. An audio snapshot of a special time.

Click here to download or the arrow to stream listen:

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reviews & Feedback

Keep your reviews, links and feedback coming in, here are a few of the many :)

Click on the links to read in full. forum: "...well-laid-out set of marquees, fabulous organic venison and pheasant burgers (for only £2.50), the best sound system and operation I've heard in a long time at a festival, smart ten minute changeovers (thanks Bill Ward!) to a diverse programme that still let you hear each act for a decent length of time, clean loos and genuine friendly festivallers. Music as an integral, interactive, interdependent element of a wider programme...",

thisfragiletent blog: "the festival was good. Lots of great music, and interesting discussion..... Here’s hoping that the festival survives in these rather challenging economic times. Lord knows, Scotland needs the opportunity to celebrate a different kind of religion…"

Whats in Kelvin's Head Blog: "There was a lot going on though. Theology in tents, talks, music, film, kids stuff and a marketplace area. There was already talk of next year’s Solas and I could imagine encouraging folk to go"

tractorgirl blog: "The Solas Festival was a wonderful oddity which was a distinctly Scottish affair... the food for the weekend was the cheapest festival food I’d come across this millenia. £2 for an organic burger, £1 for a cup of tea and so on. The deserts available were home made cakes. This was bizarre but cool".

jackthelass blog: "We managed to make it just for the day yesterday, it was great to catch up with people and meet new people and see a bit of the beginning of a festival which I hope goes from strength to strength".

Akma's Random Thoughts:

Juliet Turner blog: "We had a lovely time at the Solas festival in Scotland at the weekend – worth all the travelling and great to see old friends and make some new ones. Would definitely go again next year".

Monday, 28 June 2010

Solas 2010 Slideshow

is now up.... see sidebar on blog.

Some wonderful pics, loads up on Flickr - check out these 2 contributors for all their Solas 2010 photos -

Remember, we need your Solas reviews, blog posts, images, post comments here on the blog and link them, or email us them, join our Flickr group and add your own, join our facebook and twitter pages also to add your links.

Reviews and analysis of the weekend has already begun - SEND US YOURS PLEASE!
check out these early blogs :

More to come!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Solas Moments

some saturday solas moments...
a Movie with Bernard. a Play with justin. turning-plastic-bottles-into-art. a Song with Ricky and Lorraine. chanting some Praises. coffee with Andy. On the Sofa with Alaistair. looking through Richard;s Kaleidoscope. a picture from Gaza. a Frog and a Princess. giggling with molly. biodanza. meditating with Charlie.
just a few saturday solas moments...

sol @ solas

climbing wall

solas taxis


all ages

having a natter

a beautiful day

up the road


mcintosh ross

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 1 - done!

Weather is great, site has a really good vibe.

Caught some of the bands and took a few pics.

Tomorrow is gonna be full-on, loads of talks, loads of music and loads and loads of other stuff... why not get down here for the day and find out for yourself!

Tickets still available from the Welcome marquee when you get to the site.

Here are some photos from the day...

The Shop

The Starlets

Iain Morrison Band


Old Solar

Its where the light gets through the cracks...

Solas @ night...time for zzzzz's

Friday, 25 June 2010

Solas Tweets

Some more tweets from those who are Solas-bound. Its today by the way. Yay!

calamateur: Morning all. Am looking forward to going to the first ever Solas Festival which starts today. #solasfest
about 1 hour ago via mobile web · Reply · View Tweet
Estheroconnor: Esther O'Connor has a show coming up on 2010-06-25 at 12:00 @ Solas Festival in Nr. Biggar
1 day ago via ReverbNation · Reply · View Tweet 
StanleyOdd: The 'Oddio' Tour continues! We'll be in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and at the Solas Festival in Biggar. Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. Whoop! Whoop!
2 days ago via web · Reply · View Tweet
gordybroon: Things are starting to take shape @solasfestival
about 10 hours ago via UberTwitter · Reply · View Tweet 
greenbelt: RT @churchtimesblog: The @solasfestival (like @greenbelt but in Scotland) is this weekend (expand) Say hi to @thirdway if you go
1 day ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet 
Craine1970: @solasfestival : really looking forward to meeting more of the great vols who've signed up to work in the Childrens Team this weekend
2 days ago via web · Reply · View Tweet 
Pete_Allison_: E&MS is heading to Scotland for @solasfestival this week, looking like a great lineup
4 days ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet 
kw217: Packing for #solasfest - I'm having a great summer already and it's only June!
about 11 hours ago via txt · Reply · View Tweet 
sefkhet: Best wishes and joy to everyone heading up to Solas. I'm sorry that I won't be there.
about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet 
wavesandnumbers: Solas Weather Forecast...: (expand) - looks great!
about 9 hours ago via web · Reply · View Tweet 

Whats On, Latest... Part 2

More things to do and see we did not add yet to main website...... (and more still to come!)

The Social Services - female-fronted, guitarless and strong on harmonies, TSS stand out from the crowd. There’s a theatrical edge to their live shows, which have been known to feature musical processions in animal masks, audience participation and guest musicians on cello, trumpet, concertina, monologue and nose flute. All three members write for the band so there’s no shortage of material.
s0cialservices: weather is looking good for the weekend (expand) #solas
about 2 hours ago via Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

Glasgow-based Alternative/Pop outfit The Starlets - 'Once upon a time, singer Biff Smith's sister Gill attended The Glasgow School of Art where drummer Craig Laurie was working. Gill mentioned Craig's name to Biff who was trying unsuccessfully to get a band together and they met up for a rehearsal. On the day of the rehearsal Craig had been to a football match and was slightly the worse for wear after having had "a few". He entered the practice room, sat behind the drum kit and fell backwards off the drum stool. It was love at first sight'.

Martin Aelred - a man of passion... a multi-talented artist and a messenger of WORLD PEACE through opera. Soon to be embarking on 'Around the World in 80 Cathedrals' tour...
MARTINAELRED: Gonna be playing an acoustic set at the Solas Festival Biggar, Sat 26th June in the Milky Way Tent, annnd...
4 days ago via Facebook · Reply · View Tweet
Findlay Napier - Findlay and his band are leading the Scottish nu-folk revolution with anthemic tales of love, debauchery and sin laced with black humour. He draws on influences from the darker side of genres like Folk and Country with a sound that remains uniquely Scottish.  
findlaynapier: Solas Festival tomorrow night. Rab Noakes support on Saturday night and Hazy Reccollections at The West End...
about 15 hours ago via Facebook · Reply · View Tweet
Alex Cornish - “In the absence of any discernible musical talent, the dream for any music critic, especially at fanzine level, is to find that most elusive of things, which is an artist nobody else has heard about so you can proclaim them from the rooftops triumphantly. After years of searching and false starts, I’ve found him. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alex Cornish – the man I’m putting my money on to be huge…he has created one of the best albums I have ever heard” – Tasty Fanzine
AlexCornish: What I am doing in the next few days see -
about 13 hours ago via Facebook · Reply · View Tweet

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Whats On, Latest... Part 1

Over the past few weeks we may have missed adding everything that is happening over the weekend, last minute changes and stuff that just didn't get announced properly.
So, in an attempt to rectify, here are some of the things that we haven't had the chance to put up on the main website...

There will be a Daily Diary available with the Festival Programme, which will be on sale when you get to the site, its fantastic and a festival must-have to find your way around everything that will be happening.

Don't worry if there is a speaker clashing with your favourite band, or other event, as we will be attempting to record some of the Talks and make them available as downloads for sale within a week or so, via our partners Greenbelt Festival - watch out for details of what will be available and where early next week.

And, don't forget, if you are camping there is a small charge payable to the site when you get there, its not a lot and payable to Wiston Lodge.

More of what we missed adding later....

Weather Forecast...

... is great!

Check out the Solas Weather Widget over in the sidebar on the right, click each day to see how things are looking.
Click on the centre of it to fill your screen and have a more in depth look.

Bring your Sun Block :)

Social Networking @ Solas

Are you all packed and ready to hit the road to Solas? Marquees are up, and over the weekend we hope to try and update the vibe as it happens.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, and of course right here on your favourite Blog :)

Remember to tag any images or tweets etc. that you upoad anywhere online over the weekend with 'Solas Fesitival' or 'SolasFestival' or SolasFest"..... you get the picture (we hope!) - so we can pick them up and share them

Here are what the latest tweets are saying:

jo mango jo_mango
now looking forward to Solas festival in Biggar this weekend. It's going to be a muso friend fest!

Jim Holiway workathomer

kittythelion: Hazy Recollections at the GUU on Sunday afternoon and then Solas Festival in Biggar on Sunday night! Action-packed day.
about 6 hours ago via web · Reply · View Tweet
george_ina: Anyone heading to Solas : Meet-up for SCM members past and present 1.30pm Saturday, outside the Milkyway. Look out for the sign! Please rt
about 6 hours ago via web · Reply · View Tweet 
findlaynapier: Solas Festival tomorrow night. Rab Noakes support on Saturday night and Hazy Reccollections at The West End...
about 7 hours ago via Facebook · Reply · View Tweet
calamateur: Off to Glasgow now before heading to Solas Festival this weekend. My new album is now available to download - (expand)
about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

Artist Preview - The Lonely Oatcake

Solas award for the most original name for an artist this year.

The Lonely Oatcake is Ben and Tommy. Ben plays violin and Tommy plays guitar. There is also singing.

They have a MySpace page here :)

The Lonely Oatcake - Graduation Blues