Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reviews & Feedback

Keep your reviews, links and feedback coming in, here are a few of the many :)

Click on the links to read in full. forum: "...well-laid-out set of marquees, fabulous organic venison and pheasant burgers (for only £2.50), the best sound system and operation I've heard in a long time at a festival, smart ten minute changeovers (thanks Bill Ward!) to a diverse programme that still let you hear each act for a decent length of time, clean loos and genuine friendly festivallers. Music as an integral, interactive, interdependent element of a wider programme...",

thisfragiletent blog: "the festival was good. Lots of great music, and interesting discussion..... Here’s hoping that the festival survives in these rather challenging economic times. Lord knows, Scotland needs the opportunity to celebrate a different kind of religion…"

Whats in Kelvin's Head Blog: "There was a lot going on though. Theology in tents, talks, music, film, kids stuff and a marketplace area. There was already talk of next year’s Solas and I could imagine encouraging folk to go"

tractorgirl blog: "The Solas Festival was a wonderful oddity which was a distinctly Scottish affair... the food for the weekend was the cheapest festival food I’d come across this millenia. £2 for an organic burger, £1 for a cup of tea and so on. The deserts available were home made cakes. This was bizarre but cool".

jackthelass blog: "We managed to make it just for the day yesterday, it was great to catch up with people and meet new people and see a bit of the beginning of a festival which I hope goes from strength to strength".

Akma's Random Thoughts:

Juliet Turner blog: "We had a lovely time at the Solas festival in Scotland at the weekend – worth all the travelling and great to see old friends and make some new ones. Would definitely go again next year".

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