Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fair Witness

Solas has been coming into focus gradually for me over the past year, but there's nothing like a real live gig to create some proper anticipation of a good time to be had! The showcase night last Saturday at Kog Cafe (central Glasgow) was great to play - a warm and cheery audience enjoying the BYOB venue status, old friends around, new sounds to enjoy - at times like that, being in a band feels like the best job ever. Even my wee baby (age -2 months and yet to make her external debut) seemed to enjoy herself, judging by the internal kicks and back flips going on! You'll be able to spot me easily at Solas - the only one wearing my tent rather than pitching it.

I know Sandy and I (playing as Fair Witness, and also The Homecoming String band) are just two of many musicians who are getting behind this new festival by waiving our usual fees and in some cases, helping out with the planning as well. I reckon one reason is that we believe there should be an alternative to 'T in the Park' at one extreme (huge, corporate, dodge-the-vomit and see your band from a mile away) and various monochrome Christian gatherings at the other (beige, no booze, nicey-nicey unexciting music etc). I just hope we can get enough people along to break even, (500 or so) and create a buzzing temporary community in a month's time. Ooooh it's going to be good.....

Hope to see you there!
Suzanne Butler x

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