Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BannerBright for Solas

"Hmm….How about a workshop where festival goers could create their own piece of visual art for a collaborative piece of work celebrating the first Solas Festival"?

The notion grew and sketches, scribbles, doodles, drawings, colouring, measuring, planning, umpteen hours and umpteen cups of coffee later and not forgetting a few thousand stitches on the sewing machine, the banner idea was born!
The banner is 6ft wide, 4ft long and consists of 117 fabric squares in every rainbow colour. There’s a bit of tartan too. Festival visitors can select a square and decorate it with felt, ribbon, wool, fabric pens, beads, bits and bobs. Plenty there to inspire and feed your imagination!
You can overstate your square, understate it, write on it, glue on it, stitch if you wish, wish you could stitch (we can help with that), do it alone, do it with friends, do it with the family.
It’s up to you!
The finished result will be a decorated, individual, multicoloured fabric hanging which will reflect the warmth and excitement of the Solas weekend, displaying the themes of art, justice and faith.
Come along to the BannerBright workshop at the Solas Festival and add your own bit of creative energy to your favourite colour square. See you there! I can’t wait!

Marion Gardyne X
Volunteer Workshop Leader

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