Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Solas 2010 is BYOB… in more ways than one!

Lainey Adam is going to be creating a community artwork on site using recycled materials, primarily plastic drinks bottles. She needs as many as possible to get started with on Friday - any shape or size, as long as they are CLEAR plastic and have been rinsed out. Please bring whatever you can from home or work.

Hopefully more materials will become available over the weekend as we all buy, drink and recycle more bottles! Lainey would also be glad of a helping hand sometime over Friday and Saturday if you fancy getting involved - no special skills necessary, all ages welcome.

While we’re talking BYOB – here’s a short note on our alcohol policy: 
'We’re a family festival, so excessive consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated and we won’t be selling any alcohol onsite, but you are welcome to bring a few beers to share around the campsite. We ask you not to drink in our festival village or venues and reserve the right to eject anyone showing signs of intoxication by any substance'.

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