Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Solas - A Day In The Life...

So, with 3 days to go until gates open, we have here the first of a few 'Day in the Life' plans.

Some more detailed day plans will be available soon, watch this space!

Solas Saturday

So, having emerged from my tent, had a shower, and worked up a cooked breakfast with my mates (yup, there’s distinct advantages in knowing someone who lives in Wiston!), the rest of my day should look something along the lines of…

10.00 gospel singing workshop – seems a bit early to possibly have a voice, but hey, it could be fun

11.00 John Swinton – this man’s work crosses the bounds of theology, spirituality and health and wellbeing – such real practical theology excites me, and resonates with my own journey, so I’m interested to hear what he has to share

12.00 not sure about this point in the day. It might be time for a wee cup of tea, catch up with friends, or sit somewhere and watch the world go by… but if I still have some capacity to concentrate I might go hear Richard Holloway

13.00 I’ll be going to go hear the writer Bernard MacLaverty

14.00 At this stage again I think it will depend on how the rest of the day has gone… I’d quite like to go to the Faith in Scottish Culture Panel, but if I’m in the mood for something entirely different, i’ll go to hear some Ghanaian music and storytelling with Gift Amu Logotse

15.00 I (and you reading this!) might have realised I’ve not eaten lunch by now, so will go in search of some fine local produce, and then head over to Northstar to catch Old Solar who I’ve yet to hear, followed by the magic of Calameteur who excite me with their experimental and creative vibe

16.30 The acoustic session at Northstar is where I’ll be for the next wee while for sure. I’ve not seen Alex Cornish perform, but from what I’ve heard– I think he could be one of the highlights of my festival. And then there’s Yvonne Lyon, who never fails to capture me into a journey meandering through soul searching places to fun and inspiring heights with her distinctive voice and song writing

18.00 I’m sure there will need to be space for a wee drink and some dinner as I move into the evening, but I’m not sure quite at which point that fits in! I will spend my evening at the main stage, where I’m particularly looking forward to catching the sounds of The Lowly Knights, We See Lights, Jo Mango… actually, it all looks pretty good! I will stay at the main stage to the end, desperately hoping that McIntosh Ross might, alongside their new material, grace us with some singalong songs from their earlier guise. Dignity, an anthem of my youth, would make my weekend!

23.00 I think some reflective worship with Holy City folks will be a fitting place to conclude the day’s programme…

But then afterwards, to try and find some friends with guitars perhaps having a wee sing-song round a fire… that would be an ace end to a day jam packed with all the things I love!

Alison Urie.

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